Tuesday, June 04, 2013

AUDL & MLU Snapshots (June 1-2)

Eleven pro ultimate games were played this past weekend. Compare to last week.
NOTES: AUDL games have 12-minute quarters; MLU games have 10-minute quarters

[MLU] On Saturday...24 = Rainmakers tied the record for highest score in a single MLU game; shared by Whitecaps (Week 4) & Nighthawks (Week 3).
[MLU] On Sunday...31 = highest score in one MLU game, by Dogfish.
[MLU] 30 = total margin of defeat by Stags in 2 games [12 on Saturday (vs Rainmakers); 18 on Sunday (vs Dogfish)].
[MLU] +18 = largest margin of victory in MLU, by Dogfish (currently, the largest one-game goal differential in all of pro Ultimate).
[MLU] Boston Whitecaps have won all eight of their games. [8-0ston]
[MLU] 44 = combined score of Stags 13 vs Dogfish 31 (not an MLU record).
[MLU] 6 games = losing streak by Spinners (currently the longest in all of pro Ultimate; their last win = April 27). Spinners had only 2 losses in 2012 AUDL season.

[AUDL] Toronto Rush are still undefeated at 8-0. [EH't & 0, Canada].
[AUDL] 7 games = winning streak by Wildfire.
[AUDL] 54 = total games played; 6 more weeks & 43 games remain.
[MLU] 7 games = losing streak by Hammerheads (currently the longest in all of pro Ultimate; their last win = April 21). via Glenn Poole
[AUDL] +15.5 = average margin of victory by Wind Chill in their past 2 home games. (Week 6*, +14 vs Mechanix; Week 8, +17 vs Revolution) *weather-shortened game.
[AUDL] Wind Chill are the only team with a losing record (3-6) AND a positive Goal Difference (+20).

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