Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AUDL & MLU Snapshots (June 22-23)

Fourteen pro ultimate games were played this past weekend. Compare to last week.
NOTES: AUDL games have 12-minute quarters; MLU games have 10-minute quarters
^One AUDL game [Wildfire v Revolution] ended with 1:10 left in game due to inclement weather.

[AUDL] Toronto Rush are still undefeated at 11-0, with 5 more regular season games to play.
[AUDL] 11 = consecutive wins by Toronto (11-0) & Wildfire (12-1).
[AUDL] Weather shortened the Wildfire at Revolution game^; happened in Week 6, too.
[AUDL] Hammerheads (2-10) won; their first win in 64 days, back on April 21 (Week 2).
[AUDL] 40 = highest total score by an AUDL team, by Toronto (Week 11).
[AUDL] +24 = largest margin of victory, by Toronto (40) over Breeze (16).
[AUDL] 56 = total scores between Toronto and Breeze; not an AUDL record.
[AUDL] ~11 = average margin of victory in Toronto's 11 Eastern Division games.

[MLU] The inaugural 2013 MLU regular season is over!
[MLU] Boston Whitecaps won all their regular season games; undefeated at 10-0. [BosTEN-0]
[MLU] 5 games = losses in a row for Stags.
[MLU] For the first-time all season, Current scored over 19 points with a 22-20 win over Rumble (Week 10).
[MLU] The Current are the only playoff team with a losing record (4-6) & a negative goal difference.
[MLU] After 40 MLU regular season games played, home teams were 21-19 (52%)
[MLU] The MLU playoffs are set for Saturday, June 29:
WESTERN: Dogfish (#1) v Rainmakers (#2)
EASTERN: Whitecaps (#1) v Current (#2)

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