Thursday, June 20, 2013

Player's Disc Criticism Thrown Away

UPDATE: Ultiworld is reporting Malacek is now suspended without pay for this weekend's game! Now Ultiworld is reporting Malacek is now suspended a half game.

Each player is paid $25 per game, which is the equivalent of about 2 Innova Pulsar discs (on sale via MLU's Store.
Screengrab from MLU Store.

Ultiword recently re-posted a review of the MLU's official disc Innova Pulsar compared to the Discraft Ultrastar. The original review was posted on the personal blog (Process of Illumination) of Brandon "Muffin" Malacek, a player for Boston's club team (Ironside) & Boston's MLU pro team (Whitecaps). He also played for the Rhode Island Rampage in the 2012 AUDL season.

His original post was published a few days ago, and then was highlighted in on Ultiworld with an auspicious prediction of "Count me as surprised that MLU brass has not ordered this taken down yet."

His constructive review starts "As many of my Whitecaps teammates can attest, I've been in a continuing love-hate relationship with the Innova Pulsar." It was by no means a glowing review for the new disc on the Ulti-scene, yet it provided a practical comparison of throwing the two discs.

Late last night, the original post was removed/deleted from Malacek's blog. Malacek's excellent tweet from this morning:

The full review text can still be found at: Ultrastar v. Pulsar [Ultiworld]

[NOTE: I enjoy humorous headlines from time to time, but this one wrote itself]

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