Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reviews of MLU Innova Pulsar Ultimate Disc

One way a pro Ultimate player in Major League Ultimate could avoid being suspended & fined for any negative comments of a sponsored product is to post a product review. Here's what others are saying about the Official Disc of MLU, the Innova Pulsar, on the MLU Store website:

For the MLU Official Game Disc - Innova Pulsar:
Adam V. "It's a fun disc"
The OI flicks on this disc are insane. It's definitely a disc everyone should have in their collection.

Denny L. "Sweet discs that fly long and true"
The title says it - huck, hammer, pass, etc - if I throw it right, it flies long and true. If I throw it wrong, it's my fault. Disc up!

Guillaume S. "official discs"
they're ok, but not the same design as on the web. a bit disappointed.

Zachary H. "Great discs!"
We've played with many discs, and it was unanimously decided that these discs were the best. The only downside was that it took about two weeks for my order to arrive. I know that's not that long, but in today's world you can get almost anything faster than that. Free sticker was a plus!

Olivier T. "Not revolutionnary"
It's an ok disk, but not worth 17$. Knowing that I can get a personnalised disc from Discraft for 8$ and that I didn't notice the different flight path, I won't order back.

For the MLU Stock Disc - Innova Pulsar:
Antoine M. "Realy good"
Fast delivery to quebec . nice disk. Alot of fun to try them out. Long live MLU

Jason C. "Pulsar is an interesting disc"
It takes a little getting used to, but the Innova Pulsar flies nicely, and seems to have better range than the ultra-star that I normally use. It is definitely a deeper/taller disc, and the rim is thinner, but the weighting still feels right. I'll have to try again on a calmer day, but I like the disc. Now to get my league to approve it for games! :)

Cj L. "Product"
I had no problem with the order or shipment. However, as an Ultimate disc I strongly disapprove of the Innova Pulsars after now trying them. The weight feels different due to the rim, which is too long and seems harder than it should be. It actually hurt to grip and throw flick hucks. I also saw no difference in distance traveled as advertised.
Probably not the type of feedback you were looking for, but I figured the more voices against the MLU official disc the better

Screengrab of product reviews.

Screengrab of product reviews.

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