Friday, June 28, 2013

MLU 2013 Playoffs: Conference Finals

MLU playoffs start on Saturday, June 29 with the Western & Eastern Conference championship games. Each playoff team earned $1500; the Conference winners are then given a chance to win $5000/team in the Championship Game (July 13).

Saturday, June 29 @ 1:30pm PT: Seattle Rainmakers (8-2) and San Francisco Dogfish (8-2) played each other 3 times during the season; Dogfish won 2 games. Dogfish are 5-0 at home, while Rainmakers are 3-2 away - both losses to San Fran. All 3 games were incredibly close.
Score totals & average in the 3 SF vs SEA games

Saturday, June 29 @ 7pm ET: DC Current (4-6) and Boston Whitecaps (10-0) played each other 3 times during the season; Whitecaps won all 3 games. Whitecaps are 5-0 at home, while Current are 2-3 away - two of those to Boston.
Score totals and average in the 3 DC vs BOS games 
Credits: Conference Final graphics from MLU. Pie charts = mine.

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