Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CNN Features Ultimate

In CNN's recent Human to Hero segment, which celebrates inspiration and achievement in sport, interviewed Mark Poole of Atlanta's Chain Lightning.

Ultimate ambition: Olympic recognition
...forget outdated notions of dogs scurrying after flying discs in the park, ultimate is a frenetic pursuit that blends aspects of football and rugby into a dynamic "frisbee" package.

Ultimate is contested between two teams, each consisting of seven players.

The aim is to pass your way into the opposition's end zone, just like in American Football, but once in possession players aren't allowed to run with the disc.

Over four, 10-minute quarters, players are constantly harrying round the field of play creating space, executing a variety of throws -- including the "hammer" and the "scoober" -- and flinging themselves around attempting to catch the disc.

Poole says any budding players must be equipped with the three pillars of ultimate: to run hard, jump high and throw far.

But while the game moves at a fast pace, respect is a key component, because ultimate is ultimately self-policed.

Ultimate now has two pro leagues in the United States and interest is growing, but for now [club] players are doing it purely for the love of the game.

Mark Poole: "I make zero dollars playing ultimate, but I spend way more than that."

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