Monday, August 26, 2013

DC Current Just Got (part) Owned

Mark as an AUDL ref. [via PH Photography]
In MLU off-season news, it was learned that an individual can part own an MLU team. For the DC Current, the "part owner" is someone who has been involved with professional Ultimate since the AUDL began.

Welcome, Mark Evangelisto - the recently announced "part owner" of "the DC Current organization".

Mark is a former Rhode Island Rampage staffer (& AUDL referee), and most recently was the General Manager of DC's rival Philadelphia Spinners.

From an August 26th press release:
"...My belief in this vision has led me to this next chapter as an investor in the league with the DC Current. I look forward to helping MLU grow and flourish in this new role. I’ll bring part of my Spinners spirit with me to DC and will look to see the team complete what it started last season where they fell a little short against the Boston Whitecaps in their quest for the MLU championship."

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