Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Custom Cleat Shoes

Comfy shoes can morph into comfortable Ultimate cleats?! Knowing about this company that CONVERTS SHOES INTO CLEATS is music to my feet's ears!

Custom Cleats
"We Bring Comfort Back To the Game"

Info: Custom Cleats (Medford NY) combines almost any sneaker or turf shoe with any type of cleat. Most cleat manufacturers design cleats that are very narrow and with little padding for the bottom of your feet. Athletic sneakers are designed for both durability and comfort. They provide a layer of foam that absorbs the shock of the ground along with a wide enough pattern so the toes of the foot are not overlapping. We utilize that comfort provided by the sneaker and transform it into a cleat! Conversion takes 5-6 business days.

Price: $85.00 per conversion into plastic molded or metal cleats. Turf bottoms, football bottoms, or footjoy golf bottoms are an additional $35.00.

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