Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ultimate Reward

Video footage of 1985's UPA Nationals in Washington DC rolls as Howard Cosell opines on Ultimate Frisbee, during his ABC Sports program "Sportsbeat." Nearly 30 years later, some thing$ have not changed.

Starting at 0:33, "This is known as Ultimate Frisbee. And it's played seven to a side. And, combines elements of football, soccer & basketball. Unlike those sports, though, you'll find no referees on the field."

Starting at 0:47, he expresses: "And the ultimate reward for their time, money and effort? Nothing. Nothing; save the joy of competition. A refreshing reminder of what sport was meant to be. And, still, on rare occasions can still be. The ultimate winners? Well, they were all winners."

For the record, Flying Circus (open) & Condors (women) won the 1985 national championships.

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