Friday, March 21, 2014

DC Breeze Featured by Local Paper

This local article about one of the local pro Ultimate drops some insight into Washington AUDL's pro Ultimate team, DC Breeze.

For Vienna man, owning a professional sports team is a 'Breeze'" [Fairfax Times; 03/21/14]

Excerpts from the article...

Origin of Team Name
Aaron Foreman said he came up with the name "the Breeze" because of the fluidity of the way the game is played. "It's fluid like a breeze," he said. "A breeze can also sneak up on you, and can even knock you down. That's how I came up with that name."

[hmph! this is different from our assumptions]

Don Grage, an entrepreneur, said his initial financial investment into the team was only "in the low five figures" but said the time commitment was something he had to research and mull over before finally accepting co-ownership.

Player Salary & Motivation
Jonathon Neeley: "We are only paid $25 a game and expenses, so I'm not into it for the money, but it is pretty amazing to play in a professional league and having my travel expenses paid is huge. That in and of itself can be worth about $2,500 a season."

Owner's Motivation
Don Grage: "I want to create more awareness for it in the area and foster community interest. "Ultimate is an amazing and exciting spectator sport that is performed in a fun, family atmosphere. I'm not really in this for the money, but of course franchise values go up as people attend games. So come on out!"

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