Friday, March 28, 2014

MLU Live Schedule 2014

Major League Ultimate released their broadcast schedule for the 2014 season. For MLU's regular season, 21 total games will be streamed live via YouTube for no charge. Again, you will be able to view 20+ professional Ultimate games for FREE.

New York Rumble games and Vancouver Nighthawks games will be featured the most with 7 out of 10 regular season games (70%) scheduled to be broadcast. Portland Stags will be on MLU Live the least with only 3 games.

UPDATED [3/28]: Added another chart based on supplemental data via Dan Vogel. MLU Live is scheduled to show all Vancouver's away games (5), and only 1 of Portland's away games. Seattle, Boston, and DC games are scheduled to have more home games than away games on MLU Live.
Breakdown of Home & Away games of MLU Live Appearances [Data Source

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