Monday, March 03, 2014

Midwest Throwdown Asks for more than Final Score

The 6th annual Midwest Throwdown Ultimate Tournament occurred this past weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. Fifty college teams were scheduled to play over the 2-day tourney. Unfortunately, the second day of MWTD was canceled due to inclement weather.

If you had the pleasure to read the MWTD's Captains' Packet, then you noticed this wonderful request for how to report scores. Take note Touunament Directors!

[from Captains' Packet]

TEXT: "Please report your scores via text message. At the end of the day, check to make sure that your scores are reported at Frisbee Central. You may also report your scores via the USAU SRT. If possible, please report your halftime scores as well, so that people can follow from home.
Your Team: University of California-Santa Barbara Burning Skirts
Opponent: University of Washington Element
Halftime Score: 8-4
Final Score: 15-11

Santa Barbara 8 - Washington 4 (H)
Santa Barbara 15 - Washington 11 (F)"

Did you catch it? Similar to this proposal, the TD asked teams to report final scores WITH their halftime score! For what purpose? So fans can better follow the game action!

Well done, MWTD!

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