Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 2: March Grabness

:Versus 007:
Sludge began their spring season like they have been here before - playing at the Reflection Reflecting Pool and starting a WAFC spring season for the 16th time.

Sludge zone was good enough to create unforced repeated turnovers, which transitioned into unchallenged scoring opportunities. Up quickly with 5 straight breaks, CHarlie to Rachel; Henry to Charlie, Joe to Sarah, Matthew's bookends of a D'ing a floater and catch thrown by Sarah.

The lone point Sludge gave up in the first half was when Russ was beaten deep during a person D point. Sludge led 8-1 at half.

The second half continued with the fortunes of the first half. Sludge barely allowed 007 to advance the disc past midfield. Nigel backhand to Amy, 10-1; Michael to Rachel to Nigel to Matthew, 12-2; Russ missed a "callahanable" score, but caught and threw the score to Nigel, 13-2; David to Steve to Chris, 14-3.

The other team scored all 3 times Sludge played person D

Sludge win 15-4.

:Versus Disc Toast:
Sludge reeived the pull to start and kept the flow all the way down to the endzone with Andrew at the cone; 1-0. Sludge got the first break of the game at 3-1.

A quick catch-and -throw point happened at 5-2 with Michael to Nigel to Bucci back to Nigel.

At 6-5, Chris threw brown's 7th point. And Bucci led Sludge into half; 8-6.

Sludge spaced the field well and cut when needed. The short gains of 10-15 yards powered the offense that benefited from winter pickup.

Sludge played competitively and continued to lead 9-7, 11-8, 13-9. Sludge win 15-9.

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