Thursday, March 13, 2014

Home Jerseys of Minnesota Wind Chill

Minnesota Wind Chill recently unveiled their new home jerseys for their 2014 AUDL season. The black home jerseys, by VC Ultimate, have a more uniform look than last year's jersey while retaining many Minnesotan features. (Available for purchase here.)

Minnesota Wind Chill jerseys: 2014 v 2013

Jersey Elements
Referee stripes*: A reminder that even though refs make calls in the pro Ultimate game, the "Integrity Rule" still gives the player the right to overturn a ref's call.

Logo: Use of the Wind Chill's alternate logo.

Official state bird: 'Is that a loon?' may be an unusual question, but sometimes it must be asked. Look closely just below the numbers for the loon image.

Minnesota boundary: The state's distinctive shape is a carryover from last year's jerseys.

[* = not true]

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