Friday, March 14, 2014

Improving the Ultimate Field

The growth of Ultimate is also expanding the opportunities to watch Ultimate games online. From a camera's perspective, playing Ultimate on a football/soccer field does not translate well. I'm not a fan of the endzones extending into the field, as mentioned before for the AUDL and MLU. There's just too many markings on the field where Ultimate is being played.

Ultimate games look like a temporary guest of the hosting playing field, for example:
USA Ultimate



Ultimate is an uncomplicated game deserving of a more simplified field to showcase player athleticism and the disc. Here's an Ultimate field redesign to benefit viewers (who are new or experienced to the sport) plus players. 

ENDZONES are a different color from the field to visually demonstrate differentiation from the field proper. The two dashed MIDLINES are positioned at the midpoint of each field half, signifying the red zone1 (an area where scoring most likely takes place). And, the solid HALFWAY LINE is in the middle of the entire field. One number (i.e. 35, 40) could be placed here to give a measurement of yardage.

What would your ultimate Ultimate field look like?

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