Friday, September 26, 2014

AlleyCats 2015 Tryouts

The Indianapolis AlleyCats host player combine/tryout for their 2015 AUDL season on Saturday, September 27. The cost to participate in the 2015 AlleyCats Combine/Tryout is $25, $45, $50, or $75.

There are 9 listed items under Instructions (10 items, if you include the instruction to "Read and follow the instructions").

screengrab [via]
The text of the 9th item:
Cost: Pre-register $45 at the gate $75. You may Pre-register thru Sept 24, 2014 (read notes below)

Note: If you have participated in an AlleyCats Combine/ Tryout in previous years the cost is $25 Pre-register and $50 at the gate. What you recieve [sic] as a member of the AlleyCats far exceeds any fee charged. A fee does show your commitment and dedication to the team as well as the organization. As we develop as an organization and league you should expect to see this fee increase. Any fees are subject to change.

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