Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Orange is the New Stack

Really wish Ultimate would be covered this widely in the sports section instead of the police blotter. By now, you have probably heard about the bank robber/fugitive from New York who was captured at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Eugene, Oregon.

In Ultimate Arrest": Fugitive nabbed at Frisbee tournament, CBSNews asked: "Which raises the question -- will they have an ultimate team in prison?"

Wanted fugitive from NY arrested at Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Oregon [KPHO]

Man Wanted For Armed Bank Robbery Arrested At Frisbee Tournament [HuffPo]

Bank Rob Fugitive From New York Nabbed at Oregon Frisbee Tourney [NBCNews]

"Oregon cops showed up at a Frisbee game and made an epic grab over the weekend, snaring a fugitive wanted for a 2010 bank robbery. Jahson Marryshow, of Woodstock, N.Y., was arrested at an "Ultimate Frisbee" tournament in Eugene, Oregon, after being on the lam for four years."

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