Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Breakdown of U.S. Rosters for Beach Ultimate

USA Ultimate announced the rosters of the seven teams to play at the 2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate. Overall, 109 players were selected to represent the United States on the sand in Dubai.

Top Team Representation per Division:
Open: Atlanta Chain Lightning
Mixed: San Francisco Polar Bears
Women: Seattle Riot
Grandmasters: Battleboro (VT) No Country

55 club teams are represented across the 7 team rosters.

21 club teams have more than 1 players on a beach roster
34 teams have 1 player on a beach roster.

NOTES: Eight (8) teams show representation for one player not currently on a club roster, but was the players' most recent club team. [7 Figures, Darkhorse, Doublewide, LA Metro, No Country, Reckon, Slow White]
On 3/3,
an updated club affiliation in the mixed roster - Jenny Fey from Scandal to Ant Madness.

[DATA SOURCE: original USAU listing] [Updated 3/3/2015]


Anonymous said...

Boneyard has Jared Inselmann & Trey Katzenbach along with Nick Poore. The tricky thing about Masters is that it doesn't preclude playing in other divisions also.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Encore also has Michael Kapoor