Monday, September 08, 2014

Under Armour Sponsors Ultimate Tourney in Singapore

Disc with Under Armour sponsorship [via]
Under Armour, the No. 2 sportswear brand company in the U.S., expanded its marketing with a ballerina and Gisele B√ľndchenand. And, recently UA sponsored an Ultimate tournament!

Singapore's ultimate frisbee scene gets boost from sportswear giant Under Armour [Yahoo!]

(below text from article)

High-performance sports apparel brand Under Armour launched its first title-sponsored event in Singapore and Southeast Asia over the weekend when the American company lent its name to the 2014 Singapore Ultimate (frisbee) Open.

Ultimate frisbee might come as a surprising pick for a well-known brand like Under Armour to get behind, given the sport’s relatively low profile here. But Michael Binger, CEO of Triple Pte. Ltd., believes otherwise.

The retailer holds exclusive distribution rights for Under Armour across Southeast Asia, with the first outlets opening May in Singapore and the Philippines. With Under Armour seeking to further expand in the region, Binger says ultimate frisbee is a sport that fits their profile "quite nicely".

"Ultimate Frisbee is a very engaging, very young sport; it's an emerging sport, so it’s really right up our alley in those criteria," he told Yahoo...

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