Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cleanup Ultimate Field, Or Get Fined

An Ultimate tournament threatened to fine Ultimate teams $150 if they did not have clean sidelines.

DiscNY hosted the 2014  Metro New York Sectionals tournament for seven mixed teams, 13 men's teams, and 6 women's teams on September 6-7 in Middletown, NY. In addition to the team registration fee ($350, $375), a $150 deposit for field cleanliness was also required. The mandatory deposit was meant to "encourage all (Ultimate) players to be good field citizens."

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Here are the specifics from the Sectionals info: **FIELD DEPOSIT?! - Yes, field deposit. It is not optional. Because some teams do a really crap job of cleaning up after themselves. Here's how this is going to work: Whatever field your team ends up on at the end of each day has to be spic and span. Bottle caps, fruit peels, abandoned smelly socks, wads of used athletic tape, etc... must all be picked up and thrown out. That includes the far sideline if there is no other team using it. If another team left a mess, you can report them, but you still have to clean up the sideline. If teams are sharing the sideline they are both responsible for the whole sideline. If you are worried about whether you did a good enough job and want to make sure you get your $150 deposit back, get the TD or other designated tourney staff to do a 'checkout' at the end of each day. Tourney staff will have noted which teams are using which fields and sidlelines [sic] at the end of both Saturday and Sunday. If a team leaves a mess on either day and they did not get checked out, then we keep the money and it goes toward DiscNY's youth development programs. Field deposits will be refunded by end of day the Monday after Sectionals. If another team reports that your team left a mess, your field deposit is subject to forfeit. We hope this will encourage all players to be good field citizens.


Anonymous said...

To be fair, there were also 6 women's teams and 13(?) men's teams at the same tournament, all sharing fields.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 10:52a,
Thanks for the added info. Division #s have been updated (7 X, 13 M & 6 W).