Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AUDL Improvements for 2015

The 2014 American Ultimate Disc League season ended back in July. As in 2012 & 2013, we reflect on how this semi-pro Ultimate league can improve next season (2015) as AUDL expands.

Marketing.  Promotions for the ESPN3 games were helpful and plentiful. The previews published on the website were very detailed and offered promos for each Game of the Week yet were unable to build the proper hype due to posting too late in the week.

Equally promoting all AUDL teams seems like a challenge, especially as the league continues to expand. The optics focusing on ESPN3 teams makes sense, yet that approach is not fair to the rest of the league.

Images. The graphics sent out by the league are soooo much more appealing from yesteryear. AUDL team logos are improving, too, though there's always room for additional improvement.

Money. The prize money needs to be reapportioned. Madison won their division in 2014, and advanced to the semis, but lost out on any money. Making it to the final four teams in a professional sports league must be worth something, no?

Broadcasts. The ESPN3 broadcast team of commentators and production had a professional look and feel to them. The turnaround for re-broadcasts of ESPN3 games was impressive. The price (free) to watch is also something to be happy about. (Hey, whatever happened to UXtv?) 

Video. The weekly 'AUDL Top 10 plays' and 'League Highlights' were both mid-week must-sees. Teams must recognize the value of using multiple camera angles to excellently capture those extra special highlights.

League Standings. If teams are not capable of updating their game results on their website, then they should not be allowed to play in the pro league. Prove you are better than club teams who can get away with indolence. Unless the pro team's webmaster took a strict vow of silence during the season, there is not any good excuse for the lack of updating this basic-level reporting. POST GAME RESULTS ON YOUR WEBSITE, TEAMS!

Further, who's ever job it is to update scores on the AUDL website should act like it's their only job. Get those scores updated on the league website immediately. (READ: within the hour of game's end.) Update the standings while you're at it, too. The Wins-Loss-%-Goals Scored-Goal Against-Goals Difference sports page format is a standard to be adopted.

Also, can a conduct policy be adopted to prevent teams from using automated tweets? This is a ridiculous way to convey the sport. Example:
Screengrab from twitter (read bottom to top)

Player Data. The players/teams data collective via UltiAnalytics are steps in the right direction. The visuals are are aesthetically pleasing. Time will allow for making the data meaningful for the fans. Player rosters should be mandatory for every team website. Also, it would be helpful to know ahead of time about active rosters and injuries for weekend game(s).

Timing. The 48-minute game seems too long; consider reducing each quarter by 1-2 minutes.

Ultimate Uniforms. Sublimated jerseys are still en vogue, but some shirt designs are better than others. Reminders: 1. Jersey + shorts should match like an outfit; 2. Design the uniform so it's functional for branding your team; 3. Unis ought to be worn by players like they are getting paid to play (i.e. representing a professional sport).

Playing Field. I understand using the existing football field dimensions. Why not use the existing 10-yard end zones, too? It may give the defense a needed assist, plus it will portray better on video by avoiding any confusion as to why someone scores at the 7-yard line.

Track Integrity Rules. This rule is supposed to be a distinguishing feature of our unique sport. It becomes irrelevant by not recording its usage.

NOTE: I followed the 2014 season plus attended multiple AUDL games in DC & one in Chicago and watched games online. These suggestions are meant as constructive feedback to support the professional sport.

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Cameron E. Brock said...

I actually really like some of your comments on improvement of the league. Wouldn't mind seeing some of those!