Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Map of American Ultimate Disc League Teams (2015 Season)

The 26 AUDL teams in the 2015 season represent 19 locations (15 states, 3 provinces and 1 territory). Four states and one province – California, New York, North Carolina, Ontario, and Pennsylvania – have multiple pro Ultimate teams in the league.
2015 Season Stats
4 = # of AUDL teams sited in the state of California.

4 = # of teams in Canada.

5 = # of state/provinces with more than one AUDL team.

4 = # of state/provinces with two AUDL teams. (New York, North Carolina, Ontario, Pennsylvania)

Pennsylvania is the only multi-AUDL-team state where the teams are in different divisions. (Pittsburgh in Midwest; Philadelphia in East)

Minnesota is the only AUDL represented by a state; the others are city-based. (DC, technically a territory, deemed a city.)

Half of the four American Ultimate Disc League divisions are comprised of just U.S.-based teams (Midwest & South).

NOTE: The map incorrectly indicates a Utah team (Salt Lake Lions), which was asked not to pay in 2015.

[updated 1/15/2015]


Anonymous said...

The South division is also just US-based teams.

Sludge said...

Good point. Thx for reading all the way to the end! Updated the text today.

Quotedian said...

Revisiting this post as I wonder about the next phase of AUDL expansion...any insights? Or guesses? I remember hearing about a Dallas franchise, maybe some other TX cities. The AUDL's site specifically suggests KC and Boston. Denver seems obvious but logistically complicated (#RIPLions). Portland's out for a few years yet unless the Stags switch leagues, but Eugene's outside the 100 mile non-compete bubble...