Thursday, January 08, 2015

Pro Ultimate Player Benefits (MLU)

In December 2014, Major League Ultimate's podcast Cleats & Cufflinks (ep 21) addressed "MLU Player Benefits."

From the podcast, here is the list of what MLU provides to their professional Ultimate players:
1. Gear.
Jersey top & bottom; Base layer top and bottom; hat from DiscStore; SmartWool socks; warm ups.
2. Practice fields.
3. Food stipend.
4. Food/drink at games.
5. Certified trainers at each game.
6. Locker room facilities at game field.
7. Trained referees.
8. Paid opportunity to participate in NIKE Camps and Outreach Clinics
9. Chartered travel arrangements
Via bus &/or flight.
10. Insurance.
11. Offering competitive games, consistently.
12. Consistent branding.
From photos to the no-hat rule, the look is the same.
13. Player Advisory Committee

MLU just published "The MLU Player Experience, On-Field and Off-Field Player Benefits" infographic which includes the list from above and more, including getting "paid on a per game basis."
via MLU

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