Friday, January 02, 2015

Spreading SLUDGE

We are very grateful and humbled any/all times anyone shares posts from this blog. Here are some memorable blog mentions or references to a wider audience from last year.

April 2014
DoG legend and USAU Hall of Famer Jim Parinella mentioned a SLUDGE post about a previous pro ultimate league idea in his Skyd Magazine "Can't We All Get Along" article.

May 2014
Tony Leonardo, Major League Ultimate game commentator, mentioned the game spread as set by SLUDGE sportsbook during the Eastern Conference matchup of Boston Whitecaps @ New York Rumble pro ultimate broadcast.

LISTEN to mention (at 30:39).

June 2014
Evan Lepler, American Ultimate Disc League game announcer, read from the SLUDGE post about how the "brick" got its name during the June 7th game between AUDL Western Division teams San Francisco FlameThrowers versus San Jose Spiders.

The SLUDGE blog and twitter feed get thanked at 8:59 in the 2nd quarter.

LISTEN to the reading at (53:50).

September 2014
In The Washington Post's article about D.C. Current player Markham Shofner (by Scott Allen), the SLUDGE twitter account gets a heard-through shout-out.

October 2014
At the request of SLUDGE, The Washington Post updated its original article about D.C. sports teams with recent championships to add the DC Current 2014 victory.

December 2014
SLUDGE contributed a chapter to the recently updated "ULTIMATE: The  Greatest Sport Ever Invented By Man" book.

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