Monday, January 12, 2015

What is #MickleMania?

WHAT: Five Ultimate originated the #MickleMania hashtag as an homage for ultimate player Jimmy Mickle during the 2012 NexGen Tour; the hashtag also goes by the lowercase #micklemania.

WHO: Born in 1991, Jimmy Mickle is a Colorado University graduate and a talented ultimate player. He was a regular player on the NexGen Tour. In 2014, he won a College Championship and the Callahan award at Colorado University, plus USAU Club Championship with Denver Johnny Bravo.

WHEN: The first instance of the #MickleMania hashtag was on August 8, 2012 by Five Ultimate:

SEEN: In May 2013, Five Ultimate continued #MickleMania with personalized Colorado University uniform shorts:

REACTION: Many on social media have popularized the hashtag, but Jimmy Mickle - 2014 Callahan Winner (College player MVP) - was asked in a June 2014 USAU interview about his namesake hashtag, and had this response: Watch/hear his reply

Mickle: "It's pretty funny. I know my sister, I think, her team tried to create her own hashtag because they were tired of me stealing all of her thunder. But, it was kind of funny how it all started. Five Ultimate was sending our team some shorts that some high schoolers had won for us, and on one of the shorts they just printed #micklemania, and that was kind of the origin of it all. Everyone kind of just took off with it from there. I guess it's pretty funny, but sometimes it's annoying when everyone is yelling it when I'm trying to play, but it's all right."

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