Friday, June 05, 2015

Frisbee Launcher Invention

Found in the USA Ultimate archives was this "student project" from Ben Daykin. His "Frisbee Launcher" was meant as a training aid for ultimate similar to ball machine in tennis drills or a pitching machine in baseball/softball batting practice.
Snippets from the article:
"An advantage of a Frisbee launcher over a human thrower is repeatability and consistency of flight."

"A remote operated version could enable people to practice on their own."

"Device needs to be portable, compact, lightweight and weatherproof."

Main power source "will have to come from rechargeable batteries."

[via UPA Newsletter - summer 2001]

Since that time, robotics and 3D printing are more commonplace to assist in hobbying together a machine to throw. [Example]

FIRST [For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Robotics Competition] was founded by (Segway inventor) Dean Kamen in 1989 in an attempt to turn robotics and engineering education into a high school sports-like event. FIRST's 2013 competition known as Ultimate Ascent was combines elements of disc golf with the field parameters, scoring and team-vs-team nature of an ultimate game.

NOTE: Attempts to contact the Frisbee Launcher inventor could not be launched were undeliverable.

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