Monday, June 15, 2015

Anniversary of First Use of Frisbee by The New York Times

On this day in history - 58 years ago - the first instance of publishing the word "frisbee" by The New York Times happened on this day in 1957. Located on page 10 of the newspaper of record's Real Estate section, the mention was part of scene description at Princeton University:
via NYT (1957)
"Informal get-togethers in about thirty tents dotting the campus and the community, a frisbee-throwing session on lawns and seminars with faculty members marked the first day of the alumni reunions, an annual pre-commencement activity."
The next sentence describes "Frisbees" as: "plastic disks sailed through the air in the manner of coffee can tops."

The first plastic disc to carry the name "Frisbee" was a Pluto Platter mold (originally designed by "Fred" Morrison in 1955), which was modified and renamed by Wham-O in 1958. Frisbee is a thought to be derivative of "Frisbie" (Pie Company).

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