Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reason to Call it "Ultimate" Frisbee

Jared Kass gave his logic to affectionately calling this game "ultimate" in 1968. The original rules of Ultimate Frisbee (née Speed Frisbee) - drafted in 1970 by Columbia High School students - provide another reason.

via official rules of Ultimate Frisbee (1970) 
The details for the object of the game start simply enough: "to gain points by scoring goals." The last sentence demonstrates how seriously the high school students thought of their fun game.

"The game also ends when one team concedes defeat to the other or if all of the members of one team die before the end of play."
So, the next time you are asked why is the sport called ultimate? You may answer by explaining the original written rules included a clause stating the game would end if/when all members of a team died. Ultimate? Ultimate, indeed.

[Thanks to T Leonardo for assisting with research]

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