Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vancouver Nighthawks Squawk in Tweet

With less than 1 minute to play in the 4th quarter, this travel call evoked a twitter response by Vancouver Nighthawks on Sunday, June 14:

Tweet, which has since been deleted, from Vancouver Nighthawks immediately after their loss  [screengrab by SLUDGE]
Vancouver was down 2 goals (13 to 15) to San Francisco, and had a break opportunity. Hibbert threw an awkward step-with-the-left-throw-with-the-right backhand into the endzone for a completion, but the MLU ref called a travel by Hibbert. Instead of a Vanocuver goal (14 to 15), the Dogfish took advantage of the turnover and scored to go up 3 goals.

San Francisco Dogfish would end up winning by the score of 16-14 over Vancouver Nighthawks.

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