Tuesday, June 09, 2015

MLU 2015 Season Tickets

Major League Ultimate teams sell tickets for single games and full season via TicketLeap. In 2015, Portland offers the least expensive tickets in the MLU, while season tickets for Boston, Philadelphia and San Francisco are the most expensive.
  • Average season ticket price = $62.47 (~$2 increase compared to 2014.)
  • Quantity of regular season home games = 5
Season Tix Prices [Ranked lowest to highest]:
1st) Portland Stags; $54
2nd) Vancouver Nighthawks; $57.79
3rd) Seattle Rainmakers; $58.50
4th) DC Current; $63
t-5th) Boston Whitecaps, Philadelphia Spinners, San Francisco Dogfish; $67.50

Single Game Tix Prices [Ranked lowest to highest]:
1st) Portland; $12
2nd) Vancouver; $12.84
3rd) DC; $14
t-4th) Boston, San Francisco; $15
t-6th) Seattle, New York, Philadelphia; $16
  • Average single game ticket price = $14.61
Savings on Season Tickets vs. Single Game Tickets [Ranked lowest to highest]:
[Data taken from each team website, May 2015. Any processing fees are excluded]
[UPDATED by request]

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