Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aerobie Inventor on his Frisbee Alternative

The most recent inventor interview from David Friedman's series profiles Alan Adler - the inventor, engineer and manufacturer of the Aeropress Coffee Maker and the Aerobie Flying Ring. Adler - a lookalike to Walter White (Breaking Bad) - drops some serious science about his inventions.

Alan Adler: "The Frisbee is very thick. It's more than an inch thick. And when it flies through the air, it has to push a lot of air out of the way. And that slows it down. So, I thought: what if I could come up with a thin flying disc. It would be easier to throw and it would go farther."

According to the "secrets of a flying ring-a-ding" drawings, the Aerobie applies similar aerodynamics of a plastic flying disc.

Screengrab of "Secrets of a flying ring-a-ding"
"The Farthest Human Thrown Object in History" mentioned in Adler's interview was a throw using a forehand motion with an Aerobie.

This concise interview wonderfully demonstrates Adler's passion toward his practical inventions. The closing scene shows Adler with a freshly brewed coffee made from an Aeropress in a coffee mug adorned with an Aerobie Flying Ring.

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