Thursday, August 13, 2015

All-Star Ultimate Tour Game Results

The All-Star Ultimate Tour recently completed their 9-game schedule in July and August. The team of college women ultimate players posted a (6-3) record allowing just 99 goals and scoring 127 total goals - an average of over 14 goals per game!
Game results showing halftime score (tick marks), final score (# at end) & outcome (star color)

(5-1) = record of All-Star team when leading at halftime

(2-2) = AST record in July 2015
(4-1) = AST record in August 2015

(1-1) = AST record in games decided by 1-goal.

4 games = longest winning streak during the tour

14.1 = average goals per game (9 games)

+12 = largest goal differential in a win (vs Bent)

-5 = largest goal differential in a loss (vs Molly Brown)

3.2 = average goal differential (9 games)

Since all games were played on the road, here are the records of when All-Star team wore their yellow (2-1) versus their blue (4-2) jerseys:

Congrats on a successful tour!

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