Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Team Rankings in 2015 AUDL Season: Offense & Defense

Each AUDL team played 14 regular season games within their division in the 2015 season. The 2015 league average for total goals per game was nearly 23 points (22.7). Toronto Rush and Pittsburgh Thunderbirds tied for the the league lead in goals (410), and the Madison Radicals allowed the fewest goals in the league (237).

Here's an overall visual ranking by combining offense + defense ranks.

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Quotedian said...

I (very roughly) modified your graph (which is great)to plot the O and D rankings as separate axes, which yields this visual, which is sort of interesting, particularly the gulf between PGH, TOR, and MAD and the middle of the pack.

Sludge said...

Dear Quotedian,
Good modification. As the # of AUDL teams increase, the more challenging it is to fit data cleanly on a chart.