Thursday, August 20, 2015

Upshot of AUDL Championship Weekend

The American Ultimate Disc League completed their 2015 season with the Championship Weekend in San Jose, California, over August 8-9, 2015. Lots of takeaways from that weekend, including...

A) Attendance at Avaya Stadium with a 18,000 capacity. ("Over 2200" or "1000" on Sunday)

B) Chuck Kindred's gravity-defying hairstyle.

C) The ridiculous amount of money donated to charity - $750,000! An amount equivalent to buying 30 AUDL franchises.

D) How cool it would be if the carnival-like disc games of Accuracy Challenge and Zip-Line Catching would travel with each ESPN3 broadcast next season!

E) The swanky upgrade to the AUDL ref uniforms.

The former ref unis were pretty standard black and white zebra stripes. As if a sales associate just punched out from their job at Foot Locker.

The new ref unis from Boon Technical are black and light gray striped with a solid dark gray on the front chest and back shoulder. The round/crew neck jerseys prominently show the red, white and blue AUDL shield on the front and the logo of the manufacturer (Boon) between the shoulder blades.

The only problem with the new ref tops is the stripey design could be mistaken for a Minnesota Wind Chill jersey.

[image from AUDL site and screengrabs from AUDL Championship]  

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