Thursday, September 24, 2015

Record Breakdown of Teams at Nationals

Pools and seeding for the 2015 USA Ultimate National Championships were released last night. The 48 ultimate club teams participating at Nationals have a combined record of 951 wins and 335 losses (0.740 winning percentage). Here's a breakdown of their wins/losses and winning %.

Highest winning percentage in each division:
Boulder Love Tractor; 0.963
Boston Brute Squad; 0.935
San Francisco Revolver; 0.923

Most games played in each division:
New York Metro North (40)
Raleigh Phoenix (36)
Philadelphia Patrol (32)

Most wins in each division:
New York Metro North (31)
Boston Brute Squad (29)
Philadelphia Patrol (27)

Fewest losses in each division:
Boulder Love Tractor (1)
tied Boston Brute Squad, San Francisco Fury (2)
San Francisco Revolver (2)

Most losses in each division:
Chicago Nemesis (16); the only team at Nationals with a losing record
Kansas City Prairie Fire (12)
San Francisco Polar Bears (10)

Fewest wins in each division:
tied Raleigh Ring of Fire, Toronto GOAT (9) - the only teams at Nationals with single-digit wins.
Vancouver Traffic (12)
tied Seattle Birdfruit, Philadelphia AMP (17)

Fewest games played in each division:
Chicago UPA (20)
Vancouver Traffic (17)
Raleigh Ring of Fire (17)

Games Played # of Teams
40 1
30-39 15
20-29 27

NOTE: Data analysis above is only on the ultimate club teams that qualified for the 2015 Championships.

[DATA via USAU; compiled by SLUDGE]

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