Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Free Random Exposure" for Ultimate

As 48 teams start heading to Frisco, Texas, for USA Ultimate's National Championships, here is some advice for all ultimate teams to consider during their travels:

Dom of Seattle Riot had a great idea last year. Let's keep up the momentum this season!

you know how women's ultimate is trying to promote exposure to young girls and parents to get these girls excited about playing ultimate...

did you know that portland state has a women's softball team and that wachusett has a men's lacrosse team? me neither, nor did I care until I noticed on my last couple of flights that everyone (airport security, random strangers) were asking them questions (did you win? what position do you play?) all because they all were traveling in team gear.

I propose that we ask our teammates to make a small effort to travel in our awesome team gear AND that we ask fellow women's club teams to travel in their team gear, too.

some individuals already do it but if we could get a lot of the teams doing it, people notice. it's a small effortless act that I think might actually give women's ultimate some free random exposure and get people to ask us questions about the sport that we love so much. 

nothing mandatory or special, just a soft request with a purpose behind. we all have our tank tops and sweatshirts and hats and comfy sweatpants and we're often sharing a flight with our teammates.

why not?

spread the word."

[via Fury; h/t Fury]

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Anonymous said...

Yes! A) Dom is the bomb! B) recalling a moment during 2014 NW regionals fryz girls got a bid at tournament and as good Frisbee dad was patiently hanging in the motel lobby as hoards of traffic and fryz girls moshed the free breakfast, I overheard this group of little old ladies sitting on the lobby couch talking about ultimate which they had obviously JUST learned about. They were SO enthusiastic and curious, " you have to throw it to a teammate who is in the end zone"... fresh experts on the game. Cutest thing.