Thursday, September 10, 2015

Use of Movement-Tracking Sensors by NFL, AUDL

According to this Quartz article, NFL players will be wearing movement-tracking devices to collect performance data.

A similar initiative - players wearing sensors that feed data - was tested at the AUDL's pro ultimate Championship in August. Player movement info via Peeq Data may be available as early as the 2016 AUDL season.

Per Quartz: They'll be too small to notice, but the sensors attached to players in the 2015 football season will certainly shake up the sport. The NFL is set to make each player that much "smarter" this year.

Starting with season opener of the New England Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers, movement-tracking sensors will be embedded on each football player's shoulder pad that can wirelessly emit unique radio frequencies.

These devices will generate an enormous amount of real-time usable statistics, and could dramatically change the way fans and teams watch and analyze games, who will now be able to see just how fast a player is running, his position, and the distance he traveled. The NFL has partnered up with RFID tracking company Zebra to equip every stadium with 20 receivers, CIO reports.

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