Tuesday, September 08, 2015

MLU President and Commissioner Jeff Snader Steps Down

Text via MLU...
Jeff Snader, in cooperation with the MLU's Board of Directors and Management, has decided to step down from his position as the Commissioner and CEO of Major League Ultimate. As of this weekend, Jeff will no longer be involved in the day to day management of the Company. He will, however, maintain a role within the company as a founder and investor.

Jeff Snader's statement regarding this transition: "Sometimes you have to step back and look at what is best for the league and its people and sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Over the last three years we've truly achieved some amazing things that everyone who was a part of it can be proud of. However, the MLU is ready for a new chapter and I think it would be best to have someone new lead the charge to push the MLU to new heights. It's a bittersweet day for me but I know this is the best path for the MLU and I'd like to thank all of the great people I've had the pleasure to work with over these last three years. I look forward to supporting all of the them from the board room and the stands on game day. I'm looking forward to chasing a few other projects I've been thinking about so you'll be sure to hear from me. I'm also excited to get back to coaching which is my first love when it comes to ultimate."

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