Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016 WUGC Spirit of the Game Report

WFDF's 2016 World Ultimate (& Guts) Championships were held in London in June. The final results have already been posted. Now, let's have a look at the Spirit of the Game scores for each ultimate team in the five divisions. Best possible score = 20.

Highest Overall Spirit Scores at 2016 WUGC by Division (sorted high to low):
  • New Zealand @ 13.60 (Men's Masters Division)
  • New Zealand 13.43 (Men's Division)
  • India @ 12.42 (Women's Division)
  • Finland @ 12.26 (Mixed Division)
  • Germany @ 11.43 (Women's Masters Division*)
Average Overall Spirit Scores at 2016 WUGC by Division (sorted high to low):
  • Men's Masters = 11.58
  • Men's Division = 10.97
  • Mixed Division = 10.76
  • Women's Masters = 10.62
  • Women's Division = 10.43
Average Overall Spirit Scores of 2016 WFDF WUGC Teams by Division:
Rank = ranking based on spirit scores
Place = tournament finish 

Women's Masters Division

Men's Masters Division

Women's Division

Mixed Division

Men's Division


WFDF's scoring system for The Spirit of the Game is based on five categories:
Knowing the rules
Avoiding fouls and body contact
Being fair-minded and respectful
Having a positive attitude and showing self-control

Teams are awarded points in each category: 4 (Excellent), 3 (Very good), 2 (Good), 1 (Not so good), or 0 (Poor) points respectively, yielding a score range of 0-20 points per team per game.

NOTE 1: *Due to a scheduling issue, the Women's Masters Spirit Award was initially presented to New Zealand, who scored the highest average total Spirit score (11.29) at the division's final. Placing games were then played after the final (due to rain delays) which placed Germany at the top of the average total Spirit rankings (11.43). WFDF recognized both Germany and New Zealand as joint winners of the award in honor of Spirit of the Game.

NOTE 2: There were some discrepancies in the Total  computation in the WFDF WUGC online data and when the totals of the five categories were calculated in Excel. What you see in the charts is WFDF category data and then Excel-calculated totals.

[data via WUGC; recalculations and charts by SLUDGE]

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