Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jax Cannons History of Aggressive Play

Jacksonville Cannons were just called out about one aggressive play in the 2016 season, however this behavior has been somewhat condoned by the Jax team coach back in their inaugural (2015) season.

screengrab via June15, 2015 AUDL Tuesday Toss
"Our team plays a passionate style of ultimate and are still learning the balance of playing with passion and playing a style of game that is understood and accepted by refs. We have received three ejections in our last three games. We have used every one of them as a learning experience and will make proper changes."
"In other sports, the calls my players received would be laughed at and highly scrutinized by media and referee crew, but as our sport transitions from a dying mentality and moves toward mainstream sports, we still have to deal with varying standards and perceptions."

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