Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sponsors on MLU 2016 Jerseys

Finding a sponsor's logo on a soccer jersey is commonplace. Now NBA will allow ads on team jerseys starting in the 2017-2018 season. See an example of Philadelphia 76ers' updated jersey.

In Major League Ultimate, jerseys have always been an available billboard for willing sponsors. The 2016 jersey manufacturer (Canterbury) is the same as in 2015, but the majority of sponsors found on team jerseys have changed from last season.  Of note, Cleats and Cufflinks [episode 44; April 2016] indicated that MLU would not accept a "vice" brand (beer, alcohol, tobacco) as a jersey sponsor because of inappropriateness message to youth.  They could sponsor the league, just not the jersey.

MLU Eastern Conference Jerseys
Boston Whitecaps had Coca-Cola in 2015, but was sponsor-less in 2016.

D.C. Current had GamerGrip in 2015, but their new sponsor was Dewhurst Group.

New York Rumble were sponsored by US Coachways in 2015, but that transportation company was renamed to which was reflected on the Rumble's 2016 tops.

Philadelphia Spinners were sponsored by Disc Store in the 2015 season, but now have Skippy peanut butter in 2016.

MLU Western Conference Jerseys
Elemental Technologies continued sponsoring the Portland Stags, and Point6 was, again, on the Seattle Rainmakers' tops. San Francisco Dogfish did not have a jersey sponsor in 2016 - just like last year.

The only Western Conference team with an updated jersey is Vancouver. Nighthawks had Granville Island Brewing in 2015, but was sponsor-less in 2016.

The logo of Innova, the official disc manufacturer of Major League Ultimate, can be found on every MLU team's jersey during the 2016 season.

 [images via MLUShop]

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