Monday, July 25, 2016

Ultimate Frisbee Slated To Be Added by Arlington Public Schools

Ultimate is slated to become a recognized team sport in Arlington (Virginia) Public Schools for middle schools and high schools. If approved, APS will fund ultimate uniforms and ultimate coaches, plus pay transportation to local games.

From the article: School Board members in mid-August are slated to approve its addition to the ranks of intramural sports in county middle schools, high schools and specialty programs, with competition starting in the fall.

Ultimate Frisbee already is a growing niche sport among Arlington youth, who play on club teams that, while representing individual schools or groups of schools, have no direct involvement with the school system. [See H-B Woodlawn]

That will change if the School Board OKs the program for intramural ("co-curricular" in school-speak) status.

Under the proposal, each secondary school or program will field teams for girls and boys, with practice taking place in September and competition running throughout October. The estimated $92,000 cost of managing the program and funding equipment and uniforms will be carved out of the existing school-system budget.


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