Saturday, July 16, 2016

MLU 2016 Championship

Tonight is Major League Ultimate's Championship game located, again, in Philadelphia. Both Divisional winners have the best record in the league and make their first championship appearance. They face off at 6:30pm at Franklin Field. Tickets are on sale for $22. Or, watch online.

Portland Stags (9-1; 1-0) versus Philadelphia Spinners (9-1; 1-0).

Preview by MLU Insider.

Disc Don't Lie by Dusty Rhodes.

Friday Happy Hour by William Curb.

If the Spinners win, they would become the first and only team to win championships in both semi-pro ultimate leagues. If the Stags win, they would become the first and only Western Conference team to win the MLU crown. Well, the eventual MLU 2016 Championship winner is guaranteed to be a team that begins and ends with an "S."

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