Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 Ulty Results Coaching Academy

The 2016 Ulty Results Coaching Academy (URCA) online conference starts up today.

Registration is free giving virtual attendees access to quality presentations from experienced presenters from the ulti community.

  • Simple Ways to Create an Athletic Team Culture by Ren Caldwell
  • The importance of empowering captains by Manisha 'Slap' Daryani
  • Designer Habits by Alex Davis
  • Winning with Spirit by Ben van Heuvelen
  • Helping your players' achieve internal and external victories by Mauricio Moore
  • Ensuring training transfers to the pitch: how to structure sessions & drills to drive differential learning by Jools Murray
  • Keep. It. Simple: The do's and don'ts of talking in the huddle by Mario O'Brien
  • How to generate buy-in and commitment by Mish Phillips
  • Stack Talk: Understanding Three Common Offensive Sets by Keith Raynor
  • Girl talk: Developing a young women's team by Ráchel Tošnerová
  • Increasing your team's compliance to your training program by Melissa Witmer


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