Monday, August 15, 2016

Fashion Statement on the Ultimate Field

FLASHBACK: The year was 2014. October. An ultimate team from Minneapolis challenges frisbee uniform norms.

FAST FORWARD: August 14, 2016 at the Chesapeake Open and a Truck Stop player wore this on the ultimate field...
UltiPhotos: Sunday Highlights - Chesapeake Open 2016 &emdash; Chesapeake Open 2016 Sunday Action
David Cranston (#5, Truck Stop) throws a backhand during 2016 Chesapeake Open men's final
How did this unconventional uniform choice happen? Some hypotheses:

A. Cranston forgot to put on shorts in the morning and all of his teammates, coaches, and friends colluded in not telling him. Observers, photographers, and opponents joined in on the collusion.

B. Cranston lost his shorts while on the D-line during a particularly athletic bid deep.

C. Cranston's shorts melted due to the high temperatures and became striped leggings.

D. Cranston is wearing shorts; they're underneath his yoga pants.

E. Cranston embraced fashion advice from Minneapolis Subzero.

[Photo shared via UltiPhotos]

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