Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DC Truck Stop Online Store

Without notice, the D.C. Truck Stop's Merch & Swag has been replaced by an online store run by Oak Creek. The deadline to pre-order Truck Stop jerseys is just around the corner -- Friday, September 2.

Light/White jersey....$50 
Front: "DC Ultimate" across the chest with the Truck Stop logo in the upper right.
Very light tire treadmarks appear diagonally. 
Back: A 3-star 2-bar D.C. flag mashup with semis as the bars.
Cavalier sponsorship on the lower portion just above the team name.

Dark/Black jersey....$50
Front: Red DC-flag/Truck logo amalgamation  across the chest. Truck Stop logo on right sleeve. 
Back: Cavalier sponsorship on the lower portion  above Washington DC.

Consider some other Truck Stop while you have your credit card out.

Truck Stop Glory Hole bottle coozie....$10

DC Truck Socks....$16

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