Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Improving Posted Tournament Results using 2016 TCTPFF

The Triple Crown Tour's Pro Flight Finale was played in Washington state last weekend. 
The results (below) as posted by USA Ultimate is the status quo expected from the accepted tournament weekend format when playing ultimate.

1. Seattle Riot
2. Brute Squad
3. Fury
4. Molly Brown
5. Traffic
6. Scandal
7. Nightlock
8. Schwa
9. Phoenix
10. Heist

1. AMP
2. Slow White
3. Drag'n Thrust
4. The Chad Larson Experience
5. Seattle Mixtape
6. Metro North
7. Polar Bears
8. Love Tractor
9. Birdfruit
10. Blackbird

1. Revolver
2. Truck Stop
3. Prairie Fire
4. Johnny Bravo
5. Rhino
6. Doublewide
7. Sockeye
8. Sub Zero
9. Inception
10. Brickyard

However, the first-to-last listing lacks the context of the tournament; READ: boring. Team's seed should be posted in addition to the tournament's final results. Sure, seed numbers can be found with some clicking into bracket play, but - just like score reporting - the more provided context of ultimate tournament results, THE BETTER.

The specific context is providing an understanding of how teams performed (final results) compared to its preliminary ranking (seed).

Here are snapshots of how posted tournament results can be improved. Displayed are the same 1-to-10 final results (right column) including the teams' seed (left column) plus a visual indication (green = broke seed; red = finished lower than seed).

Any other ways to improve posting of tournament results? Please share.


Scott Dunham said...
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Scott Dunham said...

Add each team's record for the weekend?

Sludge said...

Weekend records (Win-Loss) with point differentials (+/-) would be excellent additions.