Friday, August 12, 2016

The Most Expensive Frisbee Isn't a "Frisbee"

A plastic flying disc in a plastic bag just sold for nearly $10,000 on eBay!
screengrab of winning bid

The item was listed in a verbose manner as "Vintage Wham-o Frisbee Pluto Platter Flying Saucer new in Package 1950's" is actually a red Pluto Platter, which is (one of) the inventor's original name for the disc toy.  Wham-O eventually started calling their product "Frisbee" in 1958. Incredibly, this item claimed to be in "new" condition - which, again, incredibly, would be nearly 60 years of never being thrown. The WHAM-O label on the bag would date this "plastic flying saucer type toy" at circa 1957-1958.
Expensive Pluto Platter
The original cost of the auctioned Pluto Platter (based on the price tag) was $0.98. The winning bid was $9765.02 more than the original plastic disc's price. Taking inflation under consideration, that 98-cent toy would be ~$8.41 in today's dollars.

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