Tuesday, June 06, 2017

SPOTTED: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wearing Team Canada Ultimate Jersey

Before Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister of Canada, he was involved in ultimate frisbee. PM Trudeau was recently photographed wearing a Team Canada ultimate jersey that was given to him by Canada-based VC Ultimate back in 2015.

Here's a timeline of how this happened...
November 2015: VC Ultimate sends ultimate swag to PM Trudeau

February 2016: PM Trudeau thanks VC for ultimate swag

May 2017: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jogs in Sicily after a G7 Summit.

June 2017: A GQ article uses a photograph of PM Trudeau wearing Team Canada ultimate jersey.

The VC Ultimate jersey worn by Canadian PM Trudeau was the official red jersey of Team Canada uniform from 2015. The short sleeve jersey is available in red, white and black for the price of $74.00 (CAD).
VC Team Canada jersey

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