Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ultimate Tickets for 2017 The World Games

Tickets to the flying disc competition at The World Games in Wrocław, Poland are now available. Tickets are being sold online via eBilet.

The flying disc competition of "ultimate" is explained as:
a team game that combines elements of basketball, football, handball and rugby. The game involves two teams of seven members. The playing ground has dimensions of 100 x 37 meters, but the dimensions are subject to slight changes depending on the conditions and capacities of the organizers of the game. It is forbidden to run with the disc, and points are won if it is caught within an eighteen meter long "end-zone." One thing that distinguishes ultimate is the fact that are no referees in this game and all disputes are resolved by players in accordance with the principles of fair play. Players with high technical training can toss the disc unbelievable distances. The sport's governing body is the World Flying Disc Federation.
The "Ultimate frisbee" event runs from July 21-23.

75,00 PLN (or $20.19 USD) pays for all 17 scheduled matches at Marsowe Fields, .

TWG 2017 Schedule for Flying Disc (ultimate)

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